Episode 205

Published on:

2nd Sep 2022

Episode 205 Andrea Berger: "Battling the weight of life to keep on racing "

WMX 2022 started or with a bang for Andrea Berger. As we recap her year the conversation took a turn in to the struggles she faced throughout the year. Bringing emotions out is not what we talk about enough .In this episode they come out in full force .Also covering Andrea’s 2022 WMX season and future thoughts. During the recap of the season covering how the races broke down for Her a new conversation started. Andrea opened up with behind the curtain information and emotions.The emotional side of racing never is touched in most conversation it’s all about focus and strength.Diving deep into this conversation with a professional racer opens the door for us to explore a side of the sport and athlete’s not often spoken about. Join Andrea On her journey as the 3 time past champ let’s it all out please leave us your opinion on the episode in the comments

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